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The primary goal of vein treatment is to improve one’s quality of life. Naturally then, when considering potential vein treatments, patients should take inventory of current signs and symptoms and correlate them to one’s quality of life. Significant venous disease could present in different ways. It could hide behind signs that look harmless as seen in spider veins. But it also could look devastating as seen in large venous stasis ulcers.


Then there’s a lot in between. Common signs of venous insufficiencies are varicose veins and spider veins. Common symptoms include leg pain, fatigue, swelling, discoloration, and heaviness. When these signs and symptoms start to hinder patients from carrying out their daily routine and start to negatively affect the things they enjoy, treatment should be considered.

Treatment Options

This is an exciting time in the world of vein treatments. New technologies and devices have been introduced which has revolutionized treatment options. Like everything else we do in our surgical group, we want to assure that the deliveries of our treatments are minimally invasive. The days of painful vein stripping are nearly extinct. Instead, you can have a diseased vein treated in about 30 minutes in our office through one or two tiny incisions. Due to such change in treatment, the patients are easily able to quickly resume daily activities.

One of the major advancements has been the development of radiofrequency ablation which is now delivered through a minuscule catheter. The catheter is inserted into the diseased vein through a tiny incision and most of the time, the patients do not even realize the treatment is taking place. In addition, there has been development of proprietary medical adhesives that can literally glue the diseased vein shut which redirect blood flow through healthier veins.

Need additional proof, check out the Before & After photos see the impact.

Roller Weight Loss

So, if you have been considering treatment for unsightly varicose veins which cause pain and swelling of your leg, this is the time to take advantage of one of our advanced treatment options.  Connect with us to have a consultation with Roller Weight Loss.