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Roller Weight Loss & Advanced Surgery now offers the Orbera Gastric Balloon.  If you’re looking for a kick start to your weight loss, Orbera® may be right for you. Orbera is a balloon that is temporarily placed in the stomach (for a maximum of six months), helping you feel less hunger. You can expect most of the weight loss to occur during these 6 months while the Orbera is in place. During these 6 months, you will learn more about eating correct portions and our Dietitians will help you focus on eating the right foods to help set you up for success in the future. Orbera is ideal for patients who have a BMI of less than 35 and need to lose less than 50 pounds. It is also a great tool for patients who need to lose weight prior to surgery to make their surgical procedures safer.

The placement and removal of Orbera are fairly simple and are completed endoscopically without any incisions. It is also removed in the same manner.  If you are a candidate for the Orbera balloon, it will be placed by Dr. Roller, the region’s most experienced Orbera provider. This procedure does not require any surgical incisions, nor do patients need to undergo general anesthesia. Placement and removal typically take just 15 minutes and are completed on an outpatient basis.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Orbera® Weight Management System

Who is a candidate for the Orbera® Weight Management System?

The Orbera system is designed to assist with weight loss in people who ideally have 20-75 pounds of excess weight. It is suitable for individuals with a BMI (body mass index) greater than 27.  It is also used for people who are not suitable for other forms of weight loss surgery or those who are uncomfortable with the risks associated with traditional weight loss surgery methods.

Is follow-up important? Am I required to participate in a follow-up program?

Yes. The intragastric balloon is not the solution but rather a tool to help change your lifestyle. Taking part in our program will give you the education and support to change your lifestyle and eating habits and give you a better chance for long-term success. Patients who participate in the 6-month program tend to have much better success.

How long does the Orbera® balloon stay in the body?

The intragastric balloon is designed to stay in the stomach for six months. Should Dr. Roller recommend the use of the intragastric balloon for longer than six months, it is necessary that the original intragastric balloon is replaced with a new one. While you are using the intragastric balloon, your doctor will prescribe a course of oral medication to reduce your stomach acid – this may reduce the possibility of stomach irritation and damage to the intragastric balloon.

Will I regain the weight after Orbera® is removed?

It has been shown that, provided you keep to a healthy diet and exercise program, you will have achieved greater weight loss than through dieting alone at 24 months. The balloon takes up space in your stomach, telling your body it is full and thereby helping you eat a sensible portion. The balloon gives you a kick-start to lose your excess weight. If you stick to your new, healthier lifestyle you will be able to maintain your weight loss. For more information and to see if you are a good candidate, please call our office at (877) 445-6460 to schedule an evaluation.


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