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Each week, we feature a patient who is willing to share their weight loss journey: the battles they’ve overcome, the weight lost and encouragement to others who are either considering weight loss surgery or have recently undergone surgery. If you are interested in sharing your testimony, please email our marketing department at nicole@nunneleygroup.com.

Patient of the Week: Sherry Davis

Sherry is 53 and her highest weight before her journey was 237 pounds, and she was in a size 22. She was overweight since the birth of her daughter (who turns 30 this month).

Like many people, Sherry tried every diet out there. She would begin losing weight and lose 35 to 40 pounds, but that seemed to be as far as she could get.

“I would get frustrated and find myself gaining the weight back. I would get angry with myself for gaining the weight back and start over again. I was constantly on this roller coaster ride of losing and gaining, losing and gaining. It took several medical conditions to finally open my eyes. I had been on high blood pressure medicine for years and my doctor kept telling me if I could get the weight off I could probably get off of this medication,” Davis said. “In June 2014, I was diagnosed as diabetic and began having to take another medication. I was also sent for a sleep study to find I had severe sleep apnea and started using a breathing machine to sleep at night. On top of that, I had knee surgery in June for a torn meniscus and was beginning to wonder if my knee would ever be the same again. I knew at that point I had to get control of my health.”

Sherry attended the Roller Weight Loss seminar in June 2014. She started another diet and battled within herself from June to September whether she could do it on my own or if she needed the surgery. Then Sherry remembered the roller coaster rides of losing and gaining. She was determined she needed this tool to help make a lifestyle change and get the weight off, and keep it off. Sherry weighed 228.5 when she started her journey with Roller Weight Loss and had her surgery Dec. 28, 2014. Sherry followed all of their instructions, and she has been very successful. It has been 18 months since the surgery. She’s lost 95.5 pounds since her surgery and 104 pounds from her highest weight. She is now 133 pounds and down to a size four.

“The success of my story is that by reaching my goal: my blood pressure is back to normal, I am no longer diabetic, my last sleep study was normal, and I no longer have to use a breathing machine to sleep at night. This has also been the best thing for my knee. I am healthier now than I have been since I was in my 20s,” Davis said.

Sherry said she feels like a new person. “I enjoy doing the little things, like being able to cross my legs like a lady or folding my arms across my chest. These are things I have not been able to do for some time. I wore shorts last summer for the first time in 30 years.”

Sherry’s conclusion: If you are considering weight loss surgery and have experienced any of the health issues she had, don’t wait. Take control of your health. Find that new person in yourself and enjoy life.

Sherry Davis B&A