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A New Year, A New You!

Our office staff developed 10 goals for a better you in the New Year.

Now is the perfect time to re-evaluate personal goals and progress during the past year. The beginning of a new year is a perfect time to set new resolutions and put plans in place to insure continued success, health and happiness. After a self evaluation, it’s time to decide the end goal. Plan a strategy to get to the end result. Plan to succeed! Success doesn’t just happen — planning and effort are required.

Choose a couple of goals! Too many goals can distract us from completing projects.  Select those things that will increase productivity, health and happiness. Include something that stimulates the mind and inspires you. There are so many resolutions or goals to attempt, and we have a list of 10. Choose from the list, or create your own.

  1. Start a meal plan. Plan a week or two of dinner menus. Compile a grocery list, do the prep work ahead. Eating at home increases your success at weight loss, saves money and gives more quality time at home.
  2. Have an exercise plan. Stick to it. Change up the plan from time to time to keep your body guessing. Lose more weight and keep it interesting.
  3. Make coffee at home. No more overpriced, sugar-laden concoctions. Save money, time in line and calories.
  4. Say hello to a stranger every day. Breaking out of your comfort zone is always a push in the right direction. Bringing a smile to a stranger’s face will bring a smile to you as well. Being positive is good for mental health.
  5. Snap it 365. Try taking a photo every day. At the end of the year upload the photos to a site that will create a photo book for you. What a creative way to document your year in photos.
  6. Schedule “Me Time.” Everyone needs a bit of me time. We all have a different need for personal time. Use it wisely and to help you stay focused. You may want to use it to set up breakfast for the following morning, to make a lunch or pack the exercise bag. Organization requires some time.  Schedule time to help keep your plans from derailing.
  7. Start a sleep routine. A bedtime ritual is important to quality sleep. Quality sleep is important to good health. Developing a schedule that will work for you is essential to getting a great night’s rest. The number of things you can do are limitless, but here are a few:
    1. Limit screen time after a certain time each night. Use low lighting in your sleeping area. Journal and check your goal progress.
    2. Drink warm tea.
    3. Read a few pages of inspirational writing.
    4. Meditation or prayer helps relax the body as well.
  8. Start listening to a podcast. For many people listening while exercising is a great way to do two things at once. Try a podcast geared to your field of employment or one in an area you have some interest. Learn something new every day.
  9. Learn a new word or phrase each week. Keeping mentally healthy is important to your entire well-being.
  10. Choose clean-and-tidy over clutter. Clearing away the clutter can lead to healthier choices, improve relationships, and even boost workouts. Studies have indicated de-cluttering can reduce stress and depression, leads to better eating habits, weight loss, improved sleep and productivity.