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Weight loss surgery is more than just a procedure. It is a journey from one phase of your life to another, and with radical physical change come emotional challenges. The support of family and friends during this journey can make the transformation much easier, and it’s recommended to have someone you trust attend our seminar and each of your appointments with you. Though friends and relatives are indispensable, support groups made up of other patients can also facilitate your transition to a new lifestyle, and we believe it’s important to attend group meetings in your first post-operative year and beyond.

Both Pre- and Post-op patients are welcome and encouraged to attend. Members of your support group can provide encouragement, give you ideas, share their stories of struggle and success, offer recipes, and even trade clothing. Support group sessions feature a guest speaker addressing topics covering before and after surgery. Your support person should also attend these meetings.

If you’re just considering weight loss surgery, attending one of our support groups can be a great way to find out more from people who have actually undergone the procedure and make contacts for the future. For information on support group meetings call 877.445.6460.

Keeping a Journal
Documenting your experience in a journal is a great way to understand your thoughts and feelings as you prepare for surgery, recover and adjust to your new lifestyle. A journal is also the perfect place to record details of your diet and exercise. As you progress after surgery, you’ll be able to look back and see how far you’ve come, and having a record of your eating will help you set a baseline for calorie intake in the future. As you search for ways to cope with your emotions other than food, your journal will provide you with something to focus on.


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