What Are These Myths?

Weight loss surgery is an excellent step in the right direction when it comes to one’s fitness journey, but there are associated myths of weight loss surgery. It’s understandable why people fear medical procedures, but we’re here to provide some clarity. In reality, weight loss can be extremely beneficial to your health. We are going to explain why you shouldn’t listen to the following three most common myths regarding weight loss surgery:

  1. Weight loss surgery is dangerous
  2. Weight loss surgery stems from vanity 
  3. Weight loss surgery is “the easy way out”

1.) Weight Loss Surgery is Dangerous

Many people consider weight loss surgery to be high risk with a strong likelihood of extreme complications. Their minds go to the worst-case scenario: terrible infections, nearly dying, and so on. Everyone has a right to these fears, but the truth is that today’s methods of weight loss surgery are safer than ever. Weight loss surgery began in the 1950s, meaning we now have nearly 70 years of research and testing accomplished since then.

Over the decades, doctors and researchers have perfected weight loss procedures, knowing just how much intestine to bypass without causing malnourishment and how to develop safe, minimally invasive techniques that assure quick recovery. Weight loss surgery has also become more affordable. Many insurance companies now cover these procedures, which wouldn’t happen if they were dangerous. 

At Roller Weight Loss, our patients’ safety is of the utmost importance. We walk through the process with each patient in order to ease any anxiety or fear they may have. Questions and thoughts are not only welcomed but encouraged. All of our surgeons are fellowship-trained, specifically in bariatric surgery. They are fully competent and ready to assist you to the best of their abilities. 

2.) Weight Loss Surgery Stems from Vanity

People may think of weight loss surgery as a cosmetic procedure. What they don’t consider is that it’s so much more than that! Patients certainly want to look good, but this surgical procedure is more so about feeling good. Obesity is linked to countless diseases that require an absurd amount of medication. Weight loss surgery puts a limit on or completely gets rid of these medications. In fact, undergoing a weight loss procedure can prevent diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Prioritizing your health is not vain or selfish; it’s necessary for your own well-being and the well-being of your loved ones.  

It’s a matter of not just feeling healthy but truly being healthy. It’s never too late to want to lower your blood pressure, steady your breathing, and prevent diabetes or even cancer. Our patients are ready to take control, add years to their lives, and walk out their front doors each morning with newfound confidence. 

3.) Weight Loss Surgery is “The Easy Way Out”

Have you ever heard someone say “They just need to eat healthier and exercise more!”? Diet and exercise are great options for weight loss when it comes to individuals looking to lose no more than 20 pounds. However, when it comes to those looking to lose 60+ pounds, these options are not always reliable.

A majority of patients considering weight loss surgery have spent years trying different diets and exercises, receiving little to no luck. People end up undereating or gaining weight back, which are two negative results of diet/exercise weight loss techniques. 

Imagine putting on a 100-pound vest and wearing it for the whole day. You are carrying around this extra weight as you get out of bed, walk to your car, climb a flight of stairs, etc. By the end of the day, you are exhausted and have no energy to go for a walk or head to the gym. Weight loss surgery is essentially taking off that vest so that you feel strong enough to begin a healthier lifestyle. 

It’s not the easy way out. Rather, it’s a reliable, efficient way to become who you want to be. 

Start Your Weight Loss Journey Today

Your health should be one of your top priorities. Here at Roller Weight Loss, it becomes one of ours as well. While the myths of weight loss surgery may still be ringing in your ears, we hope that you will consider what weight loss surgery may do for you or a loved one. There is always room for questions, comments, and concerns. Team Roller aims to ease your discomfort and move forward so that you can start your journey to a happier, healthier life. We will walk you through it all and cheer you on every step of the way!

by Shannon Kaima, PA-C

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