Why continue to struggle with diets, when weight loss surgery works. Weight loss is a journey that millions of individuals embark on each year. While traditional methods like dieting and exercise can be effective for some, they may not yield long-lasting results for everyone. In contrast, bariatric surgery has emerged as a powerful tool for sustainable weight loss. 

1. Underlying Factors

Bariatric surgery goes beyond dieting by addressing the underlying factors that contribute to obesity. It targets the anatomical and physiological aspects of weight gain, such as altering the size of the stomach or modifying the digestive process. By surgically modifying the gastrointestinal system, bariatric procedures like gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy help patients feel full with smaller portions of food. This not only curbs overeating but also regulates appetite hormones, resulting in reduced hunger and improved satiety. By addressing these root causes, bariatric surgery provides patients with a significant advantage over traditional dieting methods.

2. Sustainable Weight Loss 

One of the key advantages of bariatric surgery over dieting is its ability to achieve sustainable weight loss. Research consistently demonstrates that bariatric procedures lead to substantial and long-lasting weight reduction. In contrast, dieting often results in temporary weight loss, with many individuals eventually regaining the weight they lost. Bariatric surgery provides a solid foundation for lasting change, empowering patients to maintain a healthier weight and lifestyle in the long run.

3. Improved Obesity-Related Health Conditions 

Bariatric surgery offers a myriad of health benefits beyond weight loss. Many individuals struggling with obesity also face various obesity-related health conditions such as:

  •  Type 2 diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Sleep apnea
  • Cardiovascular diseases

Bariatric procedures have been shown to significantly improve or even resolve these conditions. By directly addressing obesity-related health conditions, bariatric surgery can have a transformative impact on overall health and well-being.

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4. Enhanced Quality of Life 

Bariatric surgery has been associated with a substantial enhancement in quality of life for many individuals. Beyond physical health improvements, weight loss can lead to increased self-confidence, improved body image, and enhanced social interactions. Patients often report improvements in mental health, reduced depression and anxiety, and increased overall life satisfaction. 

Caleb’s life has totally changed since losing 172 pounds with the help of Roller Weight Loss. “Before weight loss surgery, I was just a bump on a log. I'd stay home as much as I could. And I'm in real estate so I need to be out there showing houses. Now I have the confidence to do it.”

Bariatric surgery offers patients the opportunity to experience a life that is not only healthier but also more fulfilling on emotional and social level

5. Long-Term Cost Savings

Although bariatric surgery may have upfront costs, it can lead to long-term cost savings. Obesity-related health conditions can be expensive to manage, including medications, hospitalizations, and treatments. By addressing the root cause of obesity and improving associated health conditions, bariatric surgery can significantly reduce healthcare expenses over time. Moreover, the potential for improved productivity and reduced absenteeism due to improved health further contributes to the long-term financial benefits.

6. Comprehensive Support

 Bariatric surgery is typically accompanied by comprehensive post-operative support, which plays a crucial role in long-term weight loss success. Patients receive ongoing guidance from a multidisciplinary team. This support helps individuals make sustainable lifestyle changes, develop healthier eating habits, and maintain an active lifestyle. The guidance provided helps patients navigate challenges, address emotional eating patterns, and build a supportive network of peers going through similar experiences. 

The Roller Weight Loss Difference

When it comes to weight loss, bariatric surgery offers numerous advantages over conventional dieting. 

Roller Weight Loss and Advanced Surgery is proud to be the most advanced and experienced bariatric surgical group in the region. Roller Weight Loss and Advanced Surgery specializes in the Modified Duodenal Switch (ModDS), a less invasive version of the traditional duodenal switch (DS). It’s considered the most effective surgery against diabetes. 

We have performed individualized weight loss surgeries for patients from 47 out of 50 states, with patients traveling from all over the United States to change their lives for the better. 

We look forward to helping you on your weight loss journey! 

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