Injections for weight loss have become extremely popular for many who seek immediate results. Many have experienced success in these weight-loss drugs and injections and they have been seen as an effective strategy in the short-term. Research is still ongoing to determine the long-term success, as well as potential side effects of these medications. 

Benefits in the Short Term

Many people have seen success in the short term with injections for weight loss, especially in the initial stages of using these medications for weight loss. These weight-loss drugs and injections aid in appetite suppression, increasing  metabolism, and blocking fat absorption. Some individuals experience substantial decreases in body weight within a matter of weeks. 

Questions for the Long Term

Although these weight-loss drugs and injections have been successful for many in the short-term, there is potential for long-term concerns that warrant careful consideration. 

Sustainability of weight loss is a primary concern. Injections for weight loss are often used as a “quick fix” solution, which may inadvertently reinforce the misconception that long-term lifestyle changes aren’t necessary. When individuals discontinue these medications, some may return to unhealthy habits which can lead to the potential of weight regain or other adverse health effects. 

These injections for weight loss are still fairly new, and as such the long-term safety and impact remains in the research stage. Some weight-loss medications may carry side effects, and their interactions with other drugs or pre-existing medical conditions require evaluation. 

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Successful Combination 

There is a delicate balance to harnessing the benefits of injectables for weight loss while also managing long-term concerns. More information can be found on the Medical Weight Loss Program in Fayetteville, Tulsa and Fort Smith

Roller Weight Loss is the expert in weight-loss in the region. At Roller Weight Loss, our trusted team will customize a plan for your weight loss needs. Patients will meet one-on-one with our team and determine which path is best for them to reach their weight loss goals. No matter how much weight you need to lose, we have an option to help you reach your goals!

The Roller Weight Loss Difference

Roller Weight Loss and Advanced Surgery is proud to be the most advanced and experienced bariatric surgical group in the region. Roller Weight Loss and Advanced Surgery specializes in the Modified Duodenal Switch (ModDS), a less invasive version of the traditional duodenal switch (DS). This procedure is considered the most effective surgery against diabetes.  

We have performed individualized weight loss surgeries for patients from 47 out of 50 states, with patients traveling from all over the United States to change their lives for the better. 

We look forward to helping you on your weight loss journey! 

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