A recent study found that over 30% of Americans are considered obese. This shocking statistic has become the norm for many people. With obesity on the rise, it’s time to change the way that we think about obesity, and help end the stigma of obesity. Obesity can lead to a wide range of potentially fatal conditions. The team at Roller Weight Loss has partnered with countless patients to help them on their weight loss journey.

Stigma of Obesity

We often think about obesity as something that’s completely controlled by the person, but that’s certainly not always the case. There are many factors that cause obesity, and when we think about obesity as a health crisis rather than a lifestyle choice, we end the stigma of obesity and can come together to support those that need our help.

Common Causes of Obesity

Overeating and lack of physical activity are two primary causes of obesity. However, genetics plays an important role in obesity as well. In fact, if one or both parents were obese, the likelihood of the child becoming obese is much greater. In addition to a greater likelihood of obesity, other serious conditions related to obesity are also more likely if the parents had those conditions.

Environment may also play a part in the obesity epidemic. Whether the environment or community doesn’t promote physical activity, or if a patient grows up without being taught how to eat healthy foods, it can lead to behaviors that cause obesity.

Obesity and Mental Health

Obesity can significantly impact mental health, and in fact, mental health issues can actually lead to obesity. The vicious cycle of mental health issues, such as depression or anxiety, leading to obesity can then lead to self-esteem issues that make mental health concern even worse.

As we mentioned, obesity can cause a wide range of other health problems, so it’s vital that we think of obesity as a health issue, not a lifestyle choice.

The Motivation Behind Losing Weight

At Roller Weight Loss, our top priority is to help our patients achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Our primary concern is not improving the way you look – it’s about helping you live a healthy lifestyle. We believe in a holistic approach to your health and we’ve seen firsthand how obesity can impact a patient’s overall health. By treating obesity as a health concern and not a cosmetic concern, we give our patients the care and treatment that they need to lead healthier lives.

Did you know we offer support groups for bariatric patients?

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Living a Healthier Lifestyle

Living a healthier lifestyle doesn’t stop after weight loss surgery is complete. It’s something that patients need to actively think about every single day. With Roller Weight Loss by your side, you’ll be given the tools and resources to live a healthier lifestyle, make healthy food choices, and incorporate exercise into your daily routine.

Roller Weight Loss

We are dedicated to changing the way that people view obesity and weight loss surgery. We’re ready to help you with your own health journey – for more information on our weight loss surgery options, contact the team at Roller Weight Loss today.

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